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New Work
Dolls' House
Limina draft flyer

Photoshoot at Freud's
Photos: Paul Freestone

Cosmic egg
Sculpture and photo: Karen Goonewardene


liminal /ˈlɪmɪn(ə)l/ (adj.)
Relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process.
Occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.

At the winter solstice, as the earth tilts fractionally once more towards the sun, in the glimmering pre-dawn stillness, at the moment before waking when the dream dissolves, or just before sleep as the moorings of consciousness are let slip, or as the last breath leaves the body and the soul drifts away, or at the point when the old order is left behind and the new is all ahead – these liminal states and the possibilities they suggest are explored in our new, part-improvised show Limina.

With this theme of beginnings and endings, transition, and duality, we look back over our past and forward to our future, with a cabaret-style performance that offers an eclectic mix of reimagined early work and fresh choreography from our newer members – a dreamlike series of short butoh-inspired pieces, combined with original live music and video.

For this performance, the climax of our 20th anniversary programme, and preceded by an exhibition of archive images, film, and costumes, we return to our first-ever venue, the iconic Freud café-bar on Walton Street, with its unique architecture and atmosphere, for a creative and celebratory evening. Long-term collaborators Malcolm Atkins, Bruno Guastalla, and Pete McPhail will provide an exciting and original musical interpretation.

The exhibition will run from Monday December 4 until Monday December 11th and the performance will be on Sunday December 10. It is expected that the doors will open at 6.00 and the performance will begin at 6.30. There will be table seating and service, and food and drink can be ordered in the intervals. Tickets will cost around £7 (excluding refreshments), but we have yet to organise our advance ticketing - so watch this space for further details of how to book and to see more information and photos on the development of the show!