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Bona Dea - Freud'S
Bona Dea - Freud Café, Oxford

Bona Dea - Light Goddess
Bona Dea - Light Goddess
Freud Café, Oxford

BONA DEA - December 1997 is the time of the longest is the time for the rebirth of is the cusp....

Darkness: shadowy figures move towards us across the space - or is it our imagination? Are they creatures of light or of darkness? The time of transition is always tricky - a wrong word, a wrong move and the energy can alter. At the gateway between the two worlds there is a dusky landscape where things are not always what we imagine them to be.

Bona Dea - 'The Good Goddess' - was a collaborative venture staged by "Jelizma" - three performance artists (Jeannie Donald, Matilda Leyser and Liz Hodgson) and their groups. Presented at Freud café-bar in December 1997, it combined butoh, Contact Improvisation, and voicework. After the show, at another café, Jeannie and her group (Lee Adams, Ayala Kingsley, Fabrizia Verrecchia, and Suzette Youngs), together with Jules McKim, decided that more people should see them take off their clothes and thus, with a booking at the Pegasus theatre in 3 months time, Café Reason came into being.