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New Work
Accession (2)
Accession: a piece of Europe
at Brookes University
with Oxford Improvisers
(Photo: Mark Kingsley)

Heath Farm Festival
Improvised performance at
Heath Farm Summer Festival
(Photo: Peter Green)

West Pier
Brighton West Pier:
site specific improvisation
(Photo: Dariusz Dziala)

Location filming for Orpheus video backdrop
(Photo: Peter Green)


"...with an eye made quiet...
we see into the life of things."

(William Wordsworth)

Cafe Reason is engaged in a continuous process of exploration and experimentation through its classes and through works-in-progress. We have long-term ideas both for live performance and dance for film, as well as responding to opportunities that present themselves along the way.

We are always interested in collaborations with musicians, visual and film artists, or creating site-specific performances in unusual locations.