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La Table Many Bodies
La Table

Wardrobe (Helen, Tom)

Dance of Longing
Dance of Longing (Ayala, Ruth)

Mountains and Molehills
Mountains and Molehills

Red Moon - solo
Red Moon (Fabrizia)

Red Moon Group
Red Moon (group)

Red Moon (video - 6 minutes)



Five pieces charting a series of emotional landscapes...

"Where do I go to learn the
language to talk about this?"

(Audience member)

La Table

In the house - a kitchen, in the kitchen - a table, on the table - the soup?

Heart of the family, eye of the storm. Like a Russian doll - a Matrioshka - the ancestors both carry and are carried by the living child, forwards and back in a space we cannot enter, just glimpse in instants of terror.

This ensemble work, conceived by Bruno Guastalla and directed by Ana Barbour, was premiered at Freud café-bar, Oxford in 2000 and went on to appear as part of the 2002 'Resolution' season of new work at The Place in London.

Wardrobe: Prologue

Did you ever hide inside...
your wardrobe... your body... your head?
The banging... the silence... the hanging space.
In underwater place... a watershed.
A tug on invisible in the limbs... a disjointed pair...
bubbles of energy....the fizz of air.

(Duet with wardrobe: Helen Edwards and Tom Wilson.)

A Short Dance of Longing

An improvisation, an encounter. Mirrors and shadows, desire and loss.

"One never loves somebody else; one loves what there is of oneself in them or what one believes to be"      (Fernando Pessoa)

(Duet by Ayala Kingsley and Ruth Parkinson. Concept by Bruno Guastalla.)

Of Mountains and Molehills

A tale of insignificant bumps and insurmountable humps. Shifting views in a passing landscape

(Solo by Ana Barbour with video by Phil Wilkes.)

Red Moon

In a dream of pregnancy a secret garden sleeps. Moths open and close their wings, whispering around a tiny spiral creature "you're so lovely...". What decides the moment labour begins, what is the point of transition between one phase and another, what is the relationship between internal and external worlds..?

(Concept and choreography by Jeannie Donald. Ensemble cast.)