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Past Work
Labiaceae - Oxford Botanic Garden

" the still point,
there the dance is."

(T.S. Elliot)

The If Path - Knights
The If Path

Paul Hanging
Precarious Footing - Paul Mackilligin


"...some of the most visually
exciting theatre in Oxford..."

(Oxford Times)

Café Reason has been performing regularly since 1997 and has produced a significant body of innovative work, with original and challenging pieces for both the theatre and for specific indoor and outdoor sites and special occasions such as festivals.

Although the concept or inspiration or direction for a particular piece may come from one individual, Café Reason works collectively, with all members of the cast contributing to its development and realisation. We use a mix of choreography and improvisation, the balance depending on the nature of the performance, with the form of the choreography being evolved through an ongoing process of physical and emotional exploration. Café Reason seeks always to extend the boundaries of perception and interpretation of the human body and human experience.

We often work closely in collaboration with local musicians, artists and film-makers, to jointly develop the relationship of movement to other art forms. Such works include Light Transition at the Holywell Music Room 2005, Accession at the Jacqueline du Pre Music Room 2005, and Orpheus at the Pegasus Theatre 2008.

In their preview of The 'If 'Path, The Oxford Times described the company as having "produced some of the most visually exciting theatre in Oxford of recent years. Their performances in the streets of the city and in the Oxford Botanic Garden have created much interest, and 'La Table' is one of the best dance productions I have seen." (Richard Hollingum)