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New Work
Gaia stripped
'The rape of Gaia'
Photos: Ayala Kingsley

Work in development

The Forum


"There is alarming evidence that important tipping points, leading to irreversible changes in major ecosystems and the planetary climate system, may already have been reached or passed."
(United Nations)

Inspired by the 2018 UN report that the world’s governments have just 12 years to avert a climate-change catastrophe, this new work will explore an array of powerful themes: climate change, pollution, pillage, and overpopulation.

Tipping Point is the result of a commission by the University of Hertfordshire, part of their annual Sonic Herts music festival. It will take place at the Forum – Hertfordshire’s biggest nightclub – in front of a mainly student audience – a provocative, subversive encounter between youth and age, between the slick, conventional setting and the visceral, eclectic performance. What do we, as a group of mature dancers and musicians, have to say to those who will pay the price of our generation’s failure to take timely and effective action? What can we, as artists, do or say to have any influence over widespread apathy?

Using specially composed and improvised live music and vocals from both dancers and singers, together with pre-recorded soundscapes, textural video projected onto the dancers, outsized costume, found objects, and art installation, we aim to create an immersive and provocative audience experience. The show will weave together a series of both striking and subtle group and solo pieces, with the evolving relationship between humanity and Earth under scrutiny, and themes of migration, change, and crisis constant refrains.

We also hope to perform this work in Oxford later in 2019.

For the development and performance of this work, we have drawn on the energy, input, and talents of dancers and musicians new to Café Reason from around the region, including the veteran musician Maggie Nichols, who is the musical director.

With thanks to Russell Anderson and Oxford Brookes University, Marston Village Hall and East Oxford Community Association for rehearsal space.

Café Reason gratefully acknowledge the financial support of Arts Council England.
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