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Café Reason
Sea change (Echo - 1998)

"If we would guide by the light of reason we must let our minds be bold."

(Louis Brandeis)


People often ask why we chose the name. It is tempting to answer "no reason", which is sort of true (it was a place in a dream that Jules once had) but we could say that Café Reason is somewhere to hang out with friends and try to find reasons. And, as with a café, all sorts of people come and share stuff for a while, then carry on with their own journeys, now and again returning, and always welcome.

When we begin to develop a new piece, we often put reason to one side, concentrating on what is, rather than why it is. After a while, we usually find we have something interesting; we then examine what we have discovered and only at that point do we begin to clothe our body experience in the dress of intellect.