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Café Reason
Orpheus - Finale
Dream of love (Orpheus - 2008)

The If Path
Duet with frame
(The If Path - 2003)

Erosion - Masks in street
Millennium Walk - 2000


Café Reason was formed in December 1997. It was the inspiration of Jeannie Donald-McKim, who, together with Lee Adams, Ayala Kingsley, Fabrizia Verrecchia, and Suzette Youngs, founded the group, following their performance of Bona Dea at Freud Arts Café in Oxford. This piece was included in the group's first full-length mixed programme Echo which was put on at Oxford's Pegasus Theatre in March 1998. Erosion was staged in 1999, again at the Pegasus, Guess-station in 2001, and The If Path in 2003. Freud's was also the venue for the premiere of La Table, which was accepted as part of the Resolution! season of new work at The Place in London in 2002, returning to showcase at the Pegasus to great acclaim. Since then, the group has gone on to develop and perform a large body of original work, each time breaking new ground. See the 'past work' and 'new work' sections for more details, images, and video clips.

In addition to their experimental theatre work, Café Reason is well-known in the streets and open spaces of Oxford - and further afield - for their improvisations and site-specific performances. They have performed in a wide variety of venues - parks, allotments, graveyards, beaches, cathedrals, art-galleries, and cafés! They have received numerous grants and commissions, and enthusiastic reviews.